How Does My Insurance Work

Here is an outline of the insurance claim process:

  1. Your adjuster assigns Han's Construction, Inc, a general contractor, to your claim. Your adjuster may also assign a specialized restoration or abatement company, depending on the nature of your claim. Restoration companies specialize in drying out excess water and moisture, and removing odor and stains caused by smoke. Abatement companies safely removing mold and asbestos.
  2. If your claim involves an emergency, your adjuster may authorize Han's Construction, Inc. to provide emergency services, such as setting a tarp over a leaking roof, opening a wall or slab to expose a leaking pipe, or boarding up broken windows or doors. Emergency services are temporary only and neither guaranteed, nor meant as a substitute for permanent, proper repairs.
  3. Once emergency services and / or restoration and abatement work are complete, Han's Construction, Inc. will schedule an inspection of your home and prepare an estimate for the permanent repairs. Repairs may involve drywall, paint, roofing, carpentry, electrical or plumbing work, depending on the nature of your claim. We will send a copy of our estimate to your insurance adjuster.
  4. If your adjuster agrees to cover the cost of repairs, and if you choose to hire us, we will send you a copy of our estimate, along with a proposal. Please sign and return our proposal along with a check for your deductible or deposit. We will then call you to schedule the repairs.

If your adjuster determines that the damage to your home is not covered by your insurance, and you still want Han's Construction, Inc to perform the repairs, please contact us.

If at any point you have questions or concerns regarding the status of your repairs, please feel free to call us at 510/562-4424.

Insurance Claims

Hans Construction is happy to help you sort through the difficult decisions to be made after a fire or flood. Call us today.

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